Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2 Months and a 31 year old

August 6th you turned 2 months old and I just so happened to turn 31!  I find it hard to believe that I'm 31 and you are 2 months so maybe we can both just go back in time and be young again!!!

This last month has had some challenges as far as you and your colic go but thank the good Lord the past 2 weeks or so have been so so so much better!  Your dad and I don't want to kill ourselves and you are so much fun to be around!!!  You are the happy baby that we had hoped for!  You obviously still have your moments but things have gotten better!

You are so much more alert and have the greatest most contagious smile!  You Love to see your big sister and your dad and I can do a pretty good job of getting those big toothless grins out of ya!

You went on your first outing to the Mall of America this month and did such a good job of just chillin in your stroller.  We took you and your sister to Sea Life and then lunch at the Rainforest Cafe.  I'm pretty sure you slept the whole time but you did great nonetheless!

You are such a talker and get so excited and flail your arms around and make the best noises!  You are so alert and I just love it!

You sleep great at night.  We are getting longer stretches out of you...at least when you sleep on dad's side of the bed.  With me, we seem to be up a little more but it might be because I'm a paranoid ass hole who still constantly checks to make sure you are breathing!
Day time you are awake and not always crying like it was a month ago.  We don't really have a set routine yet during the day as far naps and feedings.  I'm hoping we can sorta get something down soon!

We have your two month check up this week and I'm anxious to see how much you've grown!  You are definitely a good eater and a good spitter upper!!
You've started to suck on your hands and in doing so you make hilarious noises!  And I'm starting to remember the joy of having long hair with a little person around who has involuntary hand movements....at least I'm telling myself they are involuntary!!

I can't wait to see what the next month brings.  I still can't believe how fast time flies.  Love you little Livers!


  1. Happy birthday! And she is beautiful.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday and happy 2nd monthday to that adorable little girl!


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