Friday, July 6, 2012

Olivia Rose

It blows my mind that I now have 2 little girls!  What's even more crazy is that Miss Liv is already 1 month old.  The second time around does go so much faster and I'm not liking it too much!
Quick birth recap:
Born June 6th, 2012
At 3:47am
Weight: 7lbs 10oz
Height: 19.75 inches

* You look just like your sister did when she was born.  You aren't quite as dark and your features are somewhat softer than your crazy big sisters'!
* You LOVE to be love we can't really put you down...ever!  It makes getting things done a little difficult.
* You are a perfect little snuggler!
* You snort when you are mad or hungry.
* You are somewhat colicky and we are hoping it doesn't last long at all!
* You love to watch your sister when you are awake and not screaming!
* You are not a fan of your car seat or car rides at this point.

* For the most part you are a pretty good sleeper at night.  You at least understand enough to not stay awake for long periods at night....Yay for mom and dad!
* You are quite the spitty little gal.  We feel so bad because we can tell your tummy is bothering you.
* You get the hiccups constantly.
* Nicknames thus far:  Liv, Livy, Punkin, Livy Loves

Liv...I was so worried that my heart wasn't big enough to love another little lady but the moment I saw you and heard you cry I instantly knew that I was stupid for thinking that!  You have brought a joy to my heart that I didn't think was possible.  You truly have completed this family and each day that I look at you I'm so very grateful that your dad and I were chosen to be your parents!  We love you and can't wait to see what this next month brings us.....hopefully a little more sleep!
Love you Livy Loves!


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