Saturday, September 4, 2010

Holy Shit....How many fanny packs can you see in one day??!!

All I have to say is that my fricken legs hurt like hell and my stomach is ready to explode.  I'm obviously out of shape and should really start moving my fat ass a little more!  Justin and I went to the State Fair today for like 5 hours with Deb, B, Nat and Joe and I'm pretty sure that we walked at least 5 miles.  It wouldn't have been so bad but flip flops and 5 miles and a gagillion people did not do my legs much good! 
There seriously was soooo many people and out of those gagillion people...over half of them forgot to look in the mirror before they left home!  Every year we do fanny pack count....this year we lost track after 7 fanny packs, 2 mullets, 4 spare tires, 3 fupas and a midget in a scooter!  I LOVE people watching!!
And....I only consumed probably like 10,000 calories!!!  Lets see....what did we eat??.....deep fried ravioli (fricken delicious), the BEST hot turkey sandwich known to any human alive, cheese curds, roasted corn on the cob, grilled shrimp, watermelon, pork chop on a stick (seriously the best shit EVER), soft taco, deep fried pickles filled with cream cheese....yeah...they are pretty f'in delicious!  And I think thats it....there could be more but I'm obviously in some sort of food coma right now so....whatever!!
Needless to say Justin and I are in bed relaxing and doing a whole lot of nothing!  It was a perfect Saturday! 


  1. That sounds like so much fun! I love people watching too. All that food sounds so yummy. Glad you had a great day girl.

  2. Sounds like a fantastic day. Fairs, fetes, festivals... all the 'f's, I'm there. I love people watching and I love how naff the whole thing is. So simple. x

  3. You are making me hungry! Mmmm... I honestly day dream about the corn I eat at the rodeo (in Houston) every year. It is DELICIOUS and I can't find it made the same way anywhere! Your comment about the flip-flops reminded me of my post about ridiculous shoes worn at Disney World (I took the pictures on our trip there last year):

  4. LOL! FOod coma indeed:) Well, it was over 5 hours and you walked 5 miles so it was really only equal to 2 meals and then you exercised on top of it:) Glad you had a good time. Sorry about all the ugly people at the fair. I had a similar Wal-Mart like convention at the fair earlier this summer. WHat is a fupa? I must know. Hugs!

  5. Well I'm glad that ONE of us had a great state fair experience! Hahaha I just blogged about my nightmare today. Next time I'm going to your fair.

  6. Um, yum! I've never heard about fried pickles with cream cheese. My lunch is going to seem so dull now.

    People watching is the best. Glad you had a great Saturday!

  7. Now my fat ass wants to go to the fair, eat shitty foods and people watch...



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