Sunday, June 13, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

I feel like I haven't written shit for the last couple of weeks.  There hasn't been any substance to anything that I've said....not that there really was before and I'm sure that won't be changing anytime in the near future either.  This post is no don't get too excited!

We've been talking about all the stuff that we have going on in the next few months.....and let me tell's a tad bit crazy!!!  I like to be busy and have stuff going on but holy shit we are on serious overload!  I know you are all dying to hear about the fun and exciting and crazy things we have going on.....Let me tell ya:

June:  Dad's birthday, brother's birthday, Father's Day, brother-in-laws golden birthday, cousin's wedding, sister and brother-in-laws anniversary
July:  Brother-in-laws birthday, neice's golden birthday, cousin's baby shower, planning a weekend getaway with the hubs and the babe
August:  MY birthday!!!, possible trip to St. Louis
September:  Mom and dad's anniversary, sister's birthday, Hubby's 30th birthday, sister's bridal shower
October:  Mia's 1st birthday, sister's bachelorette party, more bridal showers
November:   Holiday's start, Little sissy's wedding, sister-in-law's wedding stuff starting (bridal showers,etc)
December:  More Holidays, Timmy's birthday, bridal stuff for Beck
January:  JAMAICA!!!  for Becky and Jake's wedding!!

And this is just what we have on the calendar as of now!!  At least all of the stuff that we have going on is all fun stuff and things I'm totally looking forward to.  It just makes the summer fly by though! 

Let me add to all of this too....just found out that Justin starts working 3rd shift on Wednesday.  And by 3rd shift I mean 6:30pm to 2am Tuesday thru Saturday.  What kind of fuckin shift is that??  I spent the entire night on Thursday sobbing....I'm pretty much going to be a single mother for like 2 months.  I'm greatful that he has a job and is making money but it just sucks some big ass!  All of our weekend plans are sort of thrown out the window now.  Stupid ass economy!!! 


  1. What a crappy shift! That is totally lame.

    You are a Leo like me! When is your birthday? Mine's August 20th..

  2. I'm sorry! This economy bites! That's why my husband works all week OUT OF TOWN in Iowa, while I stay here and single Mother it! IT BITES!!! After a couple months, it starts to get a little more....routine. Look at the bright side, at least you get to see him every day. That will be great. SO you won't totally be on your own:) Big Hugs busy lady!

  3. Whoa, slow down there, girly! Already thinking about all the months through January?? I thought I was crazy! :) But seriously, I understand, it is so easy to get so overwhelmed with how SCHEDULED UP life can get!

  4. My philosophy on that, is life is always going to be SUPER busy, dont just go through the motions and be all blah about it, because this IS life. It's how you approach it. It doesn't have to be soooo rush rush rush. Slow down, take deep breaths (yes, i routinely have to do this to remind myself that life IS worth everything) and thank God that you are breathing, and able to do all the things you are doing. You need to appreciate it ALL!! Love ya psycho sister.

    Fat Nat

  5. You are one organized lady! I don't know what's going on beyond

    Jamaica? I'm JEALOUS! 3rd shift BLOWS no matter how you cut it...sorry about that!

  6. Wow! You are one busy lady! I was tried just reading all that :-)

    Third Shift does bite but like you said it pays the bills.

  7. You are one busy girl! I'm so sorry about his awful shift. I'd be crying too girl.

  8. I wish I had a trip to Jamaica in my future! It sounds like you have some serious busyness coming up. I feel like everyone I know has a summer birthday. (My hub's is in August too! As is my mom's. And my brother's...)

  9. awwww that sucks ass! Im sorry! We will just have to email tons more so you dont get overwhlemed right!


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