Monday, June 7, 2010

8 whole big months old!!!

Where do I begin Lou are one crazy ass little gal who entertains us daily!!!!  Just like last month this month has flown by way too fast.  It seems like I just wrote your 7th month post and here I am writing the 8th month.....SLOW DOWN.  Time obviously does not listen to your mother.....I should just get used to not being listened to!!!!
It's amazing at this age to watch you develop and do it soooo quickly.  We are definitely seeing your personality start to shine through.  Most days you are a fricken riot and then there are those days where you are completely bipolar and a total ass hole.  I'm not going to sugar coat things and pretend that we have the most well behaved, angelic, happy little lady.  There are times when you make mommy want to rip ALL her hair out!!
This here picture above is your new smile!  It's fricken see the red light on the camera and we tell you to smile and this is what happens.  I LOVE IT!!!!

* You have mastered the army crawl and don't stop moving!!!  You are moments away from totally just haven't quite figured out the whole moving of the knees and the hands in the right order!  You are also trying to pull yourself up onto things now.  You are EVERYWHERE!!
* You are starting to figure out how to feed yourself. You are getting pretty good at getting your puffs in your mouth by yourself and you do a pretty good job at holding your own bottle.

* You are obsessed with the water.  You love bath time and you love the pool.  If we would let you, you would sit and splash until you were blue around the mouth!  We took you to Antie Becky's and Uncle Jake's pool last weekend and you played and played and played for hours!! 
* You sorta give kisses.....big wide ass open mouth drool filled wet slobbery kisses.  It doesn't happen very often....and it has to be on your terms!
* You've started having a little bit of separation anxiety.  And when I say a little I mean sometimes we can't even walk away to pee and you'd think someone ripped your arm off!  Yet when we drop you off at Stacy's you are totally fine!  I can't blame ya though....I would totally want to be around your dad and I too!!!  We are pretty f'ing cool!!!!
* You are starting to mimic us....we can make sounds or noises and you copy them back to us.  You have a crazy fake laugh that makes us laugh which in turn makes you laugh again!!  We are just funny I guess!
* You get ridiculously excited to see Carter and Elle.  The second they are in your eye site you completely freak out and if we don't let you near them immediately you get pissed!!!
* You have ZERO patience.....I'll just leave it at that!
* You hate having your face wiped or touched or anything.....I'm pretty sure that one of these days you are going to sock me right in the jaw!!  I know I probably deserve it but I can't stand crusty face or nose!
* You LOVE outside and have a thing for balls...footballs, baseballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, you name a love it!!!
* This last month you have turned into a little bit of a mama's girl.  Which is completely fine with me....because I know it probably won't last very long! 
* Your favorite book is Brown Bear Brown Bear.  Not sure how much more Brown Bear mommy can read before I chuck that shit out the window!
* You still look exactly like your dad!  Me....not so much!

Happy 8 months baby girl!!!  Looking forward to the next one!!! 


  1. So cute! Love her little pony!

  2. Oh Nikki, she is adorable! That smile cracks me up. So cute!

  3. I love the little cute faces she makes! Our youngest always has us laughing so hard with her crazy, silly faces!

  4. Ha!! I love how honest you are with your little stinker! I seriously loved the video the other day. What a sweet post!

  5. Those little mush faces are too much....awww how I miss that...I really do, but then I don't, it is very conflicting.....I do like being able to leave the room and not hear fussing:)

  6. Omg, Nikki, she is SO adorable!! The hair! The new smile, I love it all :)

    Madelyn did the army crawl for SO long! She recently figured out how to crawl, but still resorts to her army days ;)

    ps-where did you buy your glasses? I LOVE them!

  7. She's so cute I love her little pony tail my daughters so picky with what she lets me put in her hair. I wish I could get a ponytail in it for longer that 3 seconds. :) I just started following your blog. :)

  8. Oh, that silly face is awesome...and the pony tails? Precious.

    What a cutie with her momma...what a cutie.

  9. Adorable! Your daughter's "new smile" looks just like the face one of my girls has been making lately. Lexie however does it all the time, not just for the camera and as she scrunches her nose she makes a sound as if she's sniffing something. It's too cute! Your daughter is precious!

  10. That face is adorable and hillarious!!! She'd crack me up everytime. And the open mouth kiss....yep my little one does that and really hard only now she's got lots of teeth! :) Cute cute pics! :)

  11. OMGosh! What a ham! She is so cute!

  12. I love that new smile! IT is the cutest , most hysterical thing ever!Happy 8 months Mia!

  13. I looove her smile, it's soooo cute. My little princess does the same still now at 2 years old. So cute!

  14. Ahhhh I love her sassy little face! I think she looks like a perfect combo of the two of you. That new smile is ridiculously adorable.

    Enjoy the army crawl while you can. Pretty soon you aren't going to be able to keep her out of anything!

  15. New follower here via! Loving your blog and Mia's new smile. It's kind of a stank face-- maybe she's a rapper in training?

    Check out my blog at

  16. This is such a great age!!! Enjoy every minute! She is a doll.

  17. She's such a little cutie-pie! Her larger-than-life personality really comes through in pictures. She must be a joy! ♥


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