Monday, May 3, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday I bought this Hugamonkey sling thing-a-majig thinking that of course I need this...why wouldn't I need this....Mia for sure needs to be carried around in this.....this is a great idea for us!!! I might have been wrong.  I'm pretty sure Mia would have a fuckin cow if I tried to keep her in this thing for more than a few pictures....and thats what we did tonight a few pics and threw that thingy back in the closet!!!
P.S.  I look like a total ASS HAT and probably shouldn't attempt a sling thing-a-majig anytime soon!!!  Mia DID think it was kinda funny though!! 

I told ya....ASS HAT!!! 
A quick note grab button is fixed now so please feel free to grab me!!! 

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  1. Happy Monday! Your new blog design looks fabulous! It looks like Mia enjoyed her wrap, and you don't look like an ass hat! :D

  2. You look fabulous, seriously. Mia is so so cute!
    Yea, glad your button is fixed. I'm grabbin' you right now...LOL!

  3. I think you look great.

    (And, I totally sucked at the sling thing, too. I asked for one for a gift and then sold it because I sucked so much at it!)

  4. the baby doesn't like to be worn either

  5. hahaha thats so funny...she looks like an escape artist! Hahaha


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