Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to the cutest little terrorist in all the land!!

Today, Elle Belle, you turn ONE!!!  I'm telling you this because I'm pretty sure that you really don't give a shit RIGHT now but as you become older you'll understand why this milestone is of such great significance to all of us!
One year ago today was the day that your mother, my sister, pushed you out her special place and swore this was her last.  One year ago today was the day that your dad was able to make it through another birth without passing out and getting exactly what he wanted....a baby girl!  One year ago today was the day that I stayed with your big brother anxiously awaiting a phone call (or sorta stalking your mom because I REALLY don't like NOT knowing what the hell is going on).  One year ago today was the day that your Grandma got to see her THIRD grandchild be born.  One year ago today was the day that your Bumpa paced the hospital hallway so much that I'm pretty sure they needed to replace the carpet.  One year ago today was the day that Antie Deb and B also anxiously awaited a phone call to let them know when the hell you were gonna get here (we are all a little impatient when it comes to you kids)!!  One year ago today was the day that Uncle Justin was NOT catching any fish.  One year ago today was the day that the world inherited the cutest little terrorist they have ever seen!  One year ago today Ella, you were brought into this world and our lives have NEVER been the same! 

There is so much that I love about you!
* You are COMPLETELY fearless!!  It actually scares the shit out of all of us.  If you think you can do it, YOU DO!  Such as walking down the stairs, or diving, whatever you way want to look at it.
* You love to give kisses.
* I love how you LOVE to sit in my lap.  Anytime that I'm on the floor, you back your little midget butt right up to my lap and plop!  And I LOVE how you reach for me....even when you are with your mama....thats because you like me THE BEST!!!
* You have a contagious smile and the faces that you make are priceless!

* You try so hard to keep up with your brother and you actually were walking at 10 months and haven't stopped since.
* You are hilarious!!!  Fricken hilarious!!!
* You LOVE to dance!  You do this thing with your right leg where you stomp it on the ground and and totally go to town. I've seen you dance for cookies (kinda like a stripper dances for money ....we'll have to keep an eye on that)!!
* There is a possibility that you've had some minor head injuries because of your brother shoving you over and you hitting your head on the floor numerous times a day....your mom wanted to get you a helmet and I told her if she did I would beat the shit out of her with it!
* There is also a good possibility that once you get a little bigger you are going to freak out on your brother and just clock him one!  He better watch out because YOU ARE A BEAST!!!
* I love how much you love Mia and Carter.  It is so much fun to watch the three of you together.  It sometimes makes me want to cry because you three are always going to have each other and that makes my heart happy plus your Antie (me) is a little emotional at times and I tend to cry.... A LOT!!

* could I LOVE FOOD!!  You will sit under the table and wait for Carter's food to fall.  You love your snacks and if you don't get fed fast enough you yell!   You LOVE cottage cheese and would eat only that if you could.  You haven't eaten "baby" food in months....because....well... why would you eat that shit when there are so many better things out there to eat. 
* I swear that you can say words....or sentences....or something that sounds like words and sentences!  I'm pretty sure we've all heard them come out of your mouth...we look at each other and ask if we all heard the same thing and we do. I'm pretty sure you are border line genius....come to think of it so is Carter and must be something in the Frascone girls' DNA!  Your mom and I grateful that we were able to pass that "genius" trait down to you'd be totally screwed otherwise!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful little Elle Belle Boo!! Antie loves you very much and can't wait to see what this next year brings us!! Hopefully no acts of terrorism!! Your mom is young....don't give her grey hair yet!!
Your Fairy Godmother


  1. Awwww!! What a cutie pie! Love her!

    Happy 1st Birthday!!

  2. Thank you for writing that for my Ella :) She is the most amazing, fun, free spirited, loving little girl I have ever encountered. And I am so proud to say that I made her, and she is all mine! I remember laying in the hospital bed with her, just cuddling and sleeping, and bonding together by ourselves for those couple nights. Ill always cherish that time. Thanks Nik, and Happy Birthday Ella!!

  3. I can see why you adore him! How could you not??!

  4. What a cutie pie! Such a nice tribute. Maybe in 17 more years she'll appreciate it :)
    I totally know what ya mean bout the sentence thing. My 1 1/2 yr. old talks to me all the time (she knows what she is saying :))

  5. She is adorable Nikki! Happy Birthday sweet girl.

  6. Happy Birthday little one! SO cute! You CRACK me up with your posts! So real!!!!

  7. the one with the three of them, TOO CUTE! and love brand new fresh out of the oven baby pictures. my kids were 10 and 11 pounds at birth and so they were born 3 month olds. i love the teeny-weeny new babies, as they are such a novelty around here. :)
    love the name ella too

  8. My Ella likes to shake it too!!! Happy Birthday to your Ella! Love that picture of the 3 of them!

  9. What a cute post! That pic of the three of them is pricelist! This post made me miss my sis and my niece. You are so lucky to have your sister so close by, a little jealous over here!!

  10. Happy Birthday!! I love the pictures, she is a cutie.


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