Thursday, February 4, 2010

Diva Girl

A long time ago my wonderous parents would always say to me "Nik, when you have a child, I hope he or she is exactly like you".  I never really understood this because as far as I was concerned I was a fricken angel!!!  Why wouldn't I want a child just like me?!  Now as an adult I look back and ask why my parents didn't beat me?!  You all know the whole teenage girl issues. 
Some years later in the year 2009 I gave birth to a beautiful little girl.  Now almost 4 months later I understand the statements that my parents made.  I have a daughter!  And god help my husband.  At the tender age of only 4 months old she is a total diva girl and already knows how to work her parents.  If she wasn't my child I would give her a big high five and congratulate her on being a total and utter genious!  But she is my child and so I can only sigh and curse my parents what they wished upon me. 
So the other night she fell asleep with me like she usually does around 7:30 or so.  Thats my time to snuggle with her.  I'm sure some might think it's bad that I don't put her to bed awake so she learns but I don't really care.  She's getting so big already and pretty soon she is not going to want to have anything to do with me.  So we snuggle!!! 
I put her in her crib around 8:30.  We heard her around 9:30 so Justin got up unwillingly (only because I asked him to switch nights with me and he wasn't real happy with that request.....I was tired and had a headache!) and went to feed her.  He came back to bed and we could still hear her stirring around so I decided that I would go get her and bring her to bed with us to try to get her to sleep because at this point the two of us were exhausted and didn't really care.  So I went and got her brought her to bed.  Got her all situated and snuggled in with me.  At this point she looked directly at me, smiled, closed her eyes and immediately went to if to say "HaHa you suckas, I knew you would come get me!"  SHIT!!!!  What the hell did I do?  All Justin could say was this is not good!!!  At this point all I could do was laugh because what else do you do.  So we feel asleep and I got to snuggle with my little munchkin. 

How do you say No to this??!!


  1. Oh is she ever cute!
    I wanted 3 boys because I was an AWFUL teenager and now god help me I will somehow have to make it through with Rowan who is not gonna be an easy one if her toddler/preschool years are any indication. Am not ruling out boarding school.
    Bill was a stickler about not letting Rowan into bed with us but we rocked her to sleep every night until one day when she was like 14 months she told us she wanted to lay down on her own. Everyone is doom and gloom about sleep issues but sometimes you just do what works. She totally has your number though :), smart kid.

  2. I think she might be boarder line genius already!!! She definitely has my number!


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