Wednesday, March 6, 2013

9 Whole Big Months

So today my little lovey girl you turn 9 months old!  9 Months Old?!  What the hell is going on around here?!  And let me tell you.....You.Are.A.Fricken.Beast!!!  Like seriously.....we've nicknamed you The Terrorist because honestly....You Are!  Not so long ago your dad and I thought Mia was a hard baby.  Oh Hell No!  Not compared to you my dear.  You are so wonderfully curious about everything and can't wait to get your little midget hands onto everything you possible can!  We never had to baby proof with Mia.  We told her No and oddly enough she listened.  You.....Not so much!  No is not a part of your little vocabulary!

* Today you weigh 17pounds 9ounces and are 28 inches long which puts you in the 45th percentile for weight and 50th percentile for height.

* You LOVE to eat!  You have become much more independent in the eating arena and we've been starting to give you more big people food which you thoroughly enjoy shoving into your mouth or your hair or all over you self!  I guess I can't really pin point any favorites since you'll try just about anything.

* You still get up during the night...which honestly sucks ass but whatever I guess!  We've tried the whole crying it out method but you seriously scream like someone has ripped your arms off and started beating you with them.  Not really worth it at this point.  You just can't seem to figure out how to self soothe.....Can you please figure it out my little love!  Daddy and I need some much needed sleep!

* You honestly manage to get yourself into, onto, over, under and all the way through things on a daily basis!  You aren't afraid of much when it comes to exploring and really don't understand the word NO! Like at all!  You've been pulling yourself up on things for about a month now and now we've started to walk a little around those things you pull yourself up on.  Which in turn means you fall all the time!  I'm pretty sure we might need to get you a helmet here soon!  You are quite the bruiser!  And on top of all of that you put whatever you can find into your mouth.  Like tackled the fake plant in the entry way the other day and were eating the fake grass and dirt out of it.  I mean...comeon!

* I think it's time for daddy to put the gate up at the stairs because yesterday you made it almost to the first landing....clearly I'm a horrible mother and wasn't paying attention!  Thank god you were just chilling.  And actually I just had to step away from writing this because you took a little tumble off the second step!  Yep...definitely time for dad to get that shit up!

* Your smile is still as contagious as ever and you seriously crack us up!  The noises that come out of your mouth are not normal and ridiculously hilarious!  And your laugh might be the best baby laugh of all babies....ever!  And you are little miss chatty cathy!  Love listening to you!

* Your sister is still the one that you look for all day long!  You follow her everywhere and it's damn cute!  It melts my heart to see that bond that you two share.  And Mia is the best big sister!  I can tell she wants so badly for you to able to do more with here and sadly for me that is happening a little faster than I would like!

* Still no teeth yet which is fine by me.  It's keeping you a baby a little longer!

Well Kiddo....these last 9 months have flown by and I can't believe that in 3 short months you will be 1.  You truly are one of a kind and I couldn't love you anymore!  You 2 girls are my whole world and I'm so proud to be your mama!  Excited and nervous to see what this next month brings us!  Hopefully more laughs and less bumps and bruises...which is completely unlikely to happen but I can hope!  Love you my little lovey girl!!!

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