Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Month After One! apparently when I told Time to slow the hell didn't really want to listen to this mommy!  This month, after One, seems to have gone even faster than the rest.  Which I didn't really think was possible but let me tell you....IT IS!

This month has been crazy!  Crazy busy and crazy huge milestones that you have reached!  Lets start with the fact that are now a walker!!!  Well more like a drunk little frankenstein midget with 5 teeth and your little pebbles pony!!!  It blows my mind how one day you are scaling furniture, the next you are taking two steps on your own and now you think you are a fuckin olympian training for the 2012 track team!  You have so much fall... you get right back up....and God help us if we try to help you.  Oh hell are quite the independent little lady when it comes to certain things and that is one of them.  You're not one for us holding your hand...unless we make it into some kind of game where mom and dad look like two total asshats skipping around with a midget!
 You are quite the character!!  Your personality comes through more and more every day!  You are your mother....and Lord help your father for that because I'm an Asshole!  You have a horrible temper and get so fricken pissed when something doesn't work for you and you have ZERO patience.  You scream when you can't get a toy out of the toy box, you scream when you can't fit the square block into the round hole, you sream when we don't let you DO IT YOURSELF!  You like to figure it out by yourself yet if you don't within 2.2 seconds you freak the fuck out and one of us better be there to help your independent little ass out! 
You love to play with the kids at daycare and with Carter and Belle but you also like your space.  You play well on your own and don't really care for people all up in your business....unless you are in the mood!  You haven't quite gotten the grasp of sharing but you have gotten the grasp of hitting!  I was imformed by Stacy a couple of weeks ago that you got into a bitch fight at daycare with Mackenzie in the sand box.  You both wanted the same toy and the two of your were slapping your hands in the air at each other!!  I actually found it quite amusing!!!  You do need to learn how to share though but I'm glad that you can hold your own....I just don't want phone calls that you've beaten the shit out of someone! 
Brown Bear has reared it's ugly head again!  I swear to shit that one of these days I'll have the courage to hide that fricken book from you but right now I feel it's way to cruel....even though if I have to read that fuckin book one more time I might....just might....lose my ever lovin mind!  I am greatful though that you've gotten so interested in your books.  You've always liked us to read to you and then 30 seconds later you had enough.  Now you go into your bedroom and pull all the books off your bookshelf, scream at us and pretty much chuck the book at us and then back your little behind into our laps and wait for us to read.  This usually consists of you hollering if we don't do it fast enough or you trying to turn the pages before we even have the first words read.  Putting my hatred of Brown Bear aside I love that you come and snuggle yourself right in with your blankie and your book. 

You are officially off of formula now and on to whole milk which is nice and cheaper!  Except it's a little harder to haul milk around then some powder?!  You are still ridiculously attached to your bottle and I'm starting to worry a little because I don't see an end to it any time soon.  You drink out of your sippys but not a ton.  We'll put milk in the sippy for you but oh no...that shit don't fool want your bahboo!  We keep trying though so hopefully. 

You amaze me on a daily basis and totally keep dad and I on our toes!  It's so much fun to watch you do all these new things and see the look on your face when you accomplish them on your own!  It's going to be another crazy month ahead of us and I can't wait to see what's in store for us then.  And I promise I'll take more pictures this next month.  October was really lacking and I'm not to happy with myself!  Love you baby girl!!


  1. Neither of my kids have any patience. They totally get it from me. They get pissed over the smallest things. All I can do is laugh because I understand.

  2. Her expressions just kill me. She is one of the cutest little girls ever -- seriously. Until I have one. Kidding (sort of).

    And don't worry about the bottle. Q is so attached to his still and he is 22 months, but I think it's my fault for letting it go on this long. Don't you feel better now?

  3. That family photo is incredible!! (I absolutely love your hair...I mean that in a totally uncreepy way.)

    Mia is on the move! Look out!

  4. Before you know it, she'll be two! And, guess what? You'll still be having just as much fun!

  5. I am so glad I stopped by to visit today....boy has your daughter grown..and yes ONE! all look fabulous and so happy.

  6. Her smile is just beyond always, you have the picture perfect fam!

    Congrats on the upgrade to whole milk..that in itself is a milestone!


  7. Her little smile is sooooooooooo precious!


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