Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Damn you Dexter.....

Dexter.....what can I say....I fuckin love that show!!!  If you don't watch it....well....your stupid and should totally get on that shit.  Seriously best show!!! 
The reason why I mention it is because the 4th season just came out on DVD last week and so, of course, we had to go buy it because...well...did you not hear....best show ever!!!  We've been consumed!!! We finished it last night and now I'm sad.  It's over and it left me going.....ummmm....what the fuck?  Don't you love/hate shows like that that totally suck you in and you are completely consumed with it and if you don't get to watch it...well...then watch the hell out.  And seriously when is my kid gonna go to bed because I only have 2 episodes left??  I know....bad mom....but I need some time to myself...I've had this 20 pound growth on my ass lately and her name is Mia.  Totally different post though.....don't worry....you'll get that one later this week!
Justin is still on nights so we are on totally different schedules so we made a deal with each other that we wouldn't get more than 2 episodes ahead of each other and we couldn't talk about it until we both had seen the episode.  Yeah....we are hard core.  I don't want anyone ruining anything for me!  I had started the season first because I couldn't wait.  And of course I did not follow my own rules and was like 4 episodes ahead of him.....really though...the rules do not apply to me!!!  I never talked about it though and he finally caught up!  It's honestly that good.  Who doesn't love serial killers who kill serial killers???
So yeah....we are done and now I'm seriously contemplating ordering Showtime for a few months for when season 5 starts because I don't know if I can wait until next summer for that to come out on DVD. 
I'm a total sucker for these damn shows....I know I should really get out and go for a walk or something but I would much rather spend my time getting sucked up into these ridiculously good shows...I don't care...I like me my tv!!!  And again, if you haven't seen any of the episodes I highly recommend starting them!! 


  1. I LOVE Dexter - but I haven't watched past Season 3 (Have Season 4 in my Netflix que). I had to drop Showtime last year...so I'm behind - can't wait to watch Season 4!

  2. I've never really seen Dexter.


    But seriously...I think after this shiny happy review, I may have to Netflix it.

  3. We love Dexter... Do not go to the showtime website or Youtube and check out the preview for the new season... just dont do it- It is PURE torture now. My only thing, yeah I know it goes with the storyline and blah blah but having a kid an watching the bathroom scene, killed me.

  4. I was so mad at Dexter after season 4's finale. I wanted to break up and start watching something with rainbows and dancing babies. Now that I'm caught up on True Blood I'm completely desensitized to violence of any kind, so I'm very Bring On Season 5, BITCHES!
    Also, I could never quit Deb and her potty mouth.

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  6. We caught up on Dexter a few months back. I can't wait until the new season starts. It's so so so good!


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