Sunday, August 8, 2010

10 Months...Seriously...slow down!

Ummmm.....what's going on??  What did I tell you last month?  You need to slow your ass down.  I'm not ready to write this 10 month post...I'm pretty sure that I wrote the 9 month one 2 days ago and here I am again.  You are getting to be such a big girl and it makes mommy kinda sad.  Time really does fly by. 
I was just reading all your accomplishments that I had written down last month and am totally amazed at how so much can change in such a short amount of time. 

* You are scaling furniture and trying to stand on your own.  You think you can (you have for like 10 seconds...which may not seem like a long time but it totally was) but then you fall right on your little tookus! 
* We've figured out that you are more than likely going to be a dancer.  All we need to say is "Mia!" and your little ass is shaking and bouncing all over the place.  You stand at your little music table and play the shit out of that thing and dance dance dance...oh and you've started this whole head banging routine...not sure where that came from but your dad thinks it's totally bitchen!!!

* You clap!!!  You clap at everything.  You clap when your hungry, you clap when your pissed, you clap when your excited, you clap when you are tired, clap, clap, clap.  I can hear you on your monitor clapping in the middle of the night and in the morning.  I love your clapping!

* Just today you started walking behind your pusher.  Daddy was so fricken excited!!!  You totally kept up with it and just kept going.  It was one of those crazy milestones that was pretty amazing to see.  Thank god I got it on video!
* You LOVE the phone.  Any phone will do...actually anything that somewhat resembles a phone.  You've figured out what you do with it and put it up to your ear and talk and then you shove it in my face and want me to talk!  When you hear the word "hello" you instantly put your hand up to your ear!  So cute!
* You have a new word...."Uh Oh".  I have a feeling we are going to be hearing a whole lot more of that. 

* You officially have 4 toofers now.  Your top two front ones are in and it makes your smile that much more cute!
* Lately you think it's real funny to let the last sip of your bottle just drool out of your mouth and then spit it!  Pretty much any liquid you spit.  And when you do spit it usually ends up all over mommy! It makes for some wet clothing but it's still kinda funny!
* You LOVE your clothes.  We find you in your room playing with your clothes!??  Dad's in deep shit....he's got two girls who love them some fabulous clothes!!
* You have a weird obsession with my Medex lip balm and have cleverly figured out how to twist the top off.....which resulted in your dad and I finding you covered in chapstick!  Oooppss!
I love you munchkin!!!  It's hard to believe that there is only one more monthly post until you are one whole big year old!  You are my greatest accomplishment and am so lucky to be your mommy!


  1. Nikki--she is freakin' adorable! I am amazed at how fast they grow. Enjoy every minute. :)

  2. LOOK AT THAT FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. SO CUTE!! I'm having the same issue with mine... she just won't slow down damnit!

  4. A belated happy 10 months day to Mia! She is just too freakin' cute -- I want to hang out with her.

    Q also loves "talking" on the phone, but anything even not resembling a phone can become one. A cracker, a bell pepper, mommy's compact, etc.

  5. She's so cute. i can relate to those milestone - adorable. my little man is 9 months old. New follower from social parade!


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