Wednesday, July 7, 2010

9 Months

Mia, I'm not really sure where the hell the last 9 months has has flown by and has been the most amazing 9 months of my life!  It hasn't been the easiest 9 months but it has been the most rewarding, important and life changing 9 months!  You truly have made us a family and I can hardly remember what life was like without you.  Well I can a was a lot easier to just get up and go.  You require a whole lot of shit.  It takes us 10x as long to get out of the house and instead of just a purse we have a diaper bag, an extra clothes bag, a toy bag, a food bag....any kind of fricken bag with as much stuff as we can shove in there because you never know what we might need or where we might go!  But it's ok because mommy loves her bags!!!

Again....this month you have completely amazed your father and I with your accomplishments and the crazy ass shit that you do!!!
*  At your 9 month check up you weighed 19 pounds and are 28 and 3/4 inches long. 
*  For have some crazy ass hair!!  I LOVE it.  Your bald spot in the back is almost grown back but you got some seriously wispy hair up front!  Sometimes it looks like a little comb over or a hair piece.
* Last month I said that you are everywhere.....well that wasn't entirely true because now you are EVERYWHERE!  You are totally crawling now and are quite fast.  You try so hard to keep up with Carter and Ella and get pissed because you can't walk.  You do however keep up pretty good.....just the other day we were out at Grandma and Grandpa's, Antie and I were talking for just a minute, turned around and you two little terrorists were gone.  We didn't see you right away and started to panic, Antie went down the hall and looked in the bedroom, she didn't see you guys at first but then noticed two little heads poking out from behind the curtains of the closet.  Probably one of the cutest things I've ever seen.  We are going to have our hands full.

*  You are not so much into the baby food anymore. You want big people food so that's what you mostly get.  You love cheese, turkey, cottage cheese, yogurt (your favorite is Gogurt and if we don't get it into your mouth fast enough you totally freak out), watermelon, noodles and you still love your puffs!  And you don't really like it when we feed you.  You think you are a big girl and have to feed yourself. 

*  Your vocabulary has increased A LOT!!  You are a total chatter box and have the cutest little voice.  You say Mama and Dada (not sure if you know exactly what they mean but we just pretend that you know) and then have your other adorable little jibberish. 
*  You have an ATTITUDE!  A serious fuckin attitude.  If you don't get what you want you freak the hell out and when I say freak the hell out I mean freak the hell out!!!  You will scream and cry until you almost can't breathe.  Then when you do get whatever it is that you want and you are smiley baby!  Yeah....I can see where this is going. 
*  You sort of understand the word "No".  We are using it a lot more lately. 
*  You are starting to really love your books.  You read to me now!!  I love hearing you little voice!
*  You are pulling yourself up onto everything and in return have received your first injuries this month.  You hit your forehead and got a good scrape on your exersaucer because apparently it's more fun to play on the outside of it than actually sitting in it.  You got your first fat bloody lip because you were trying to keep up with daddy and took a face plant in the laundry room and you also got another bloody lip after grabbing an ice cube while dad was trying to fill his water got stuck to your lip and you were trying to rip it off while it was dangling from your mouth.  Not funny....well maybe a little.  You were fine like 2 minutes later...after the bleeding stopped!  Honestly all of these things hurt me worse than you probably.  I don't like it when you get don't do that anymore...ok!!!
*  You went for your first boat ride.  Please refer to previous post for the exciting details of that!!  Lets just say not a great first trip.  Better luck next time!

*  You have the best smile....EVER!  I have no idea where this face came from but you do it with a little snort and it makes us all laugh every fricken time you do it!!!  You also have the most contagious laugh and it can instantly put me in a good mood!
*  You all of a sudden have a thing for my eyelashes and think it's hilarious to touch them.  Whatever makes you giggle I guess. 
*  You are pretty fearless and think you can go anywhere and do anything.  I hate to tell ya missy but you are gonna have to slow down a little!!
*  You LOVE your blankie (or have 4 of the same blankie, all different colors but the same style....I guess I'm a freak and want to make sure that you always have one).  You snuggle with it when you lay on it with your face might be the cutest thing ever....this is where the other blankies come in handy....that way we can cover you up!

I feel like I'm going to be writing your 10 month post in like a week.  It's all going way to fast.  I love ya Mees, more than you could ever imagine.  Happy 9 months baby girl!!!
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  1. She is absolutely adorable...Happy 9 months to her!

  2. She is so absolutely precious!!! So glad you have these posts to look back on. I was a terrible mother when my kids were younger...their baby books are sadly lacking in lots of ways!


  3. Thoroughly enjoyed and laughed my ass off throughout the entire post

  4. OMGoodness that last picture melted my heart.
    Happy 9 months to little Mia! She keeps getting more and more beautiful by the day!

  5. She's GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! Happy 9 Months Mia! Keep Mommy on her toes pretty girl!

  6. So ADORABLE! Love it :) Happy 9 months to Mia!

  7. Ok, this is my damn 10th attempt to leave this comment. F#*$!!! Hopefully it will work this time or I'm giving up, leaving work and starting happy hour early.

    Happy 9 Months to Mia and to Mommy as well for surviving it. :)

    My latest bitchfest :

  8. 9 months is such a fun age! Although so is 10 mos... 11 mos... 12 mos...

    Enjoy it all, cause it does go by fast.

    btw... she is darling, (but I bet you know that!)

  9. Love the crazy hair!

    And I love this post. And the thought of you and your daughter sitting down to read it together at some future point in time?

    Makes me all smiley.

  10. Mia is just beautiful! Happy 9 months to the both of you!

  11. Awww how absolutely adorable!!! : ) Love the pics.. and she's bigger than my 17 month old! BUT, he was born weighing 3 lbs so that's not hard to do ; ) I love her little pouty rosebud lips.. Too cute!

  12. She's just perfect, isn't she?

    Well, minus the freak outs..because if they are anything like they are here, you are partially deaf in at least one ear!

  13. What a little doll. Following you back fro Friendly Fridays.

  14. What an adorable little girl! Happy 9 months!

    I came here from Friday Follow and have a nearly 4 month old and am now your newest Follower. Have a great weekend!


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