Thursday, May 27, 2010

Decisions Decisions

Justin and I have been faced with a dilema this week.  It's huge...huge....and the decision is not to be made lightly and I am having a slight anxiety attack about it.  I can't seem to figure it out and my indecisivness is running mad. I sit here writing, I STILL don't know what we are going to do!  Are you all just DYING to know what this HUGE dilema is that me and the hubs are facing???? 

We aren't sure if we should spend 6 nights or 7 nights in Jamaica in January??  Leave on a Thursday or Friday and Garden view or Ocean view??  I know....I're all thinking,  How the hell does one make a decision like that? I wouldn't want to be in that do they sleep at night?  Is it possible to make that decision??  I wouldn't even go...way to much to think about....not possible to come up with a solution. What the fuck is wrong with these two??  Are they stupid??  No, really, what's their problem??

I know.....I'm an asshole!!! 

Justin's sister is getting married in Negril at the end of January and we are lucky enough to get to go and celebrate with them!!!  In the 8 years that we will have been together we have NEVER been on a trip like that before.  We went to Duluth on our honeymoon and have maybe traveled like 4 hours together....thats it!  So this is sorta like a second honeymoon for us too!!! 
 I can't wait for food and cocktails and the pool and the sun and the friends and family!!!  I'm soooo excited to relax and do a whole lot of nothing!!!  I'm excited to watch the sunsets with my love and get a couples massage and get a f'in tan!!!!  I LOVE vacation tan!!
I AM on the other hand already have a slight panic attack about leaving Mees for a WHOLE week.  I don't know what the hell I'm going to do??  Justin has been away from her for his fishing and hunting trips but the longest I've been away from her is a work day and even that is a lot to bear at some times.  Am I going to make it a whole week without her??  Is my mom going to make it a whole week with her??  I mean, we area going to be out of the country!!  Also... remember....she is only almost 8 months old and already a Diva bitch so imagine what kind of diva bitch she will be in another 7 months....God help my mother! 
Needless to say, we are super excited about Becky and Jake's wedding and super excited about going on a fabulous trip with them and the rest of the fam. 
I'll share a beautiful photo that yours truly took of the happy couple!!!  Here is the other side of my crazy ass fam!!!
Yeah....I know....they aren't that cute at all!!! 
Love you guys!!!


  1. bahahahaa
    You really had me so concerned when I started reading.
    It SO fantastic to hear though that nothing serious was wrong.


  2. OK, arrive in Negril on Thursday( so you have the whole weekend in Negril) leave on the following Friday..7 Nights, and for Gods sake..Ocean view, when will you have that view again anytime soon!!! There you go go and enjoy your vacation. Mia will be perfectly safe with your Mom and they will love the bonding time. Grandma's eat that shit up! You are blessed to have the opportunity...take full advantage and then come back in January with your vacation tan and let us all bask in your glow!

  3. you are totally rubbing it in? Do the 7 nights. What's one more! And, the best view....go all out and totally enjoy yourself!

  4. Sheesh, I wish I had your problems...:)
    You will have so much fun! Lucky!

  5. Don't panic. Your little girl will be JUST fine, and you will have the time of your life!!! Soak in the experience. Lucky you!

  6. Love your blog! Following you from Friday Follow :)

  7. Sounds like fun! I'm visiting from Blog Hop Friday. I signed up to be your follower.

  8. Happy NEW Friday Follow! Ummm....definitely 7 nights. LOL I'm following you now with both of my blogs. Stop by when you get a chance!

    Have a great weekend!

    Tree (aka Mother of Pearl)
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  9. Here from the blog follow and so glad I found you!
    And also wish that I was having problems such as this right now. My vote is definitely for the extra day.

    My husband and I got married in Turks & Caicos in February and we opted for some extra time too...SO glad we did!

  10. You suck.

    That's all I have to say.

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    Happy Friday!!

  12. Do the 7 nights! And I would go for ocean view. It was amazing when we honeymooned to Cancun to be able to walk onto the patio and see water!

    New follower from New Friend Friday!

  13. Go for the gold!

    Stay as long as possible - my husband says it takes me three days to leave the kids behind in my head and to really get into the holiday spirit.

    Definitely stay the extra day.

    Your SITS sister.

  14. Hello! I'm your newest from blog hop!

    Happy blogging :-)

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  15. I would just like to say with all humor Wah F'in Wah i wish i had that dilemma. Following form Friday Follow.. you can follow back at

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  17. What a dilemma this is...I feel bad for you! NOT!~ Take the seven nights and run!!!~ You daughter is in good hands, and great time to bond even more so with Gram. Sounds like a blast. WIsh I had this dilemma this year. We have to vacation to go see family in will be fun, but a lot of running around:) Enjoy the weekend.

  18. Hi, thanks so much for flying with us on Friday Follow! I'm following you now. Love your blog.

    I'm running late but here I am.


  19. you created a diva bitch too? i know how you're feeling. we're planning to go on vacation in the fall when ava will be around 15 months and i'm hoping to have her weaned by a year but god knows she needs her precious boob juice. i'm going to miss her like hell but i also feel sorry for my parents having to watch her!

    do they have baby therapists? i think i may need one.

    enjoy your trip!!!

  20. Hi there, I clicked over from The Purseblogger:)

    I say go for 7 nights, and do the ocean view room! My husband and I went to Jamaica for our honeymoon, it was fabulous!!!

  21. Do it for 7. Ocean view. She'll be fine and you'll feel amazing once you come back.

    This is all coming from someone who has never done the above. Haha!

    But seriously--I say do it girl! It's a once in a lifetime opp!

  22. I suggest a prep getaway! I have worked up to absences from my boy. First it was one night-a girls' getaway at a fancy hotel nearby complete with awesome dinner. Then a solo trip home to see my brother graduate while monkey stayed with Dad for four days so there were no worries. Now we are working up to a full week vacation the end of August sans monkey. He will stay with my sister. I'm not worried about it at all since I've had the chance to work up to it!


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