Friday, March 26, 2010

Tan fat rolls are better than white ones!!!

This week has felt like it has gone on forever and ever and ever.  Actually I think this winter has gone on forever and ever and ever.  It's been so nice lately with the sun out and being able to enjoy somewhat warmer warmer I mean 45-55 degree's like a mother f'ing heat wave around here!!!  With this glimpse of warmer weather and peak of sun it just reminds me of how pastey and pale I am.  And let me tell you, Nikki, pastey and pale do not go well with each other.  I HATE it!!  NOT PRETTY!!  I'm one who LOVES the sun.  I know it's not all that good for you and whatnot but I LOVE IT!  I'm aware of the whole skin cancer part of it all and sadly that does not deture me from the sun (I do, for the most part, wear sun screen outside.  Although I am also one of those people that the sun actually helps my skin....or so I tell myself). 
Anyway, today I decided that my pale and pastey self needed to see some sun....or at least some artificial sun.  Yes, I hit the tanning bed today and loved every minute of it.  It was so good to feel the warmth radiating off my skin (pretty sure though that my lips might be burnt because everytime I put chapstick on it disappears within minutes....oh well) and to get some color back in my cheeks.  I also think that most people look good with a little color to brings life back into some people, it definitely does for me.  And personally it makes the white, pastey, pale fat rolls and dimples not look so bad.  Instead of pale fat rolls it's tan fat rolls which for me works and makes me feel a little better about myself!!!  And if this helps my self esteem then so be it!
There really is no purpose to this except I feel good tonight!!  And I'm so excited for some warm weather and the sun to show up and stay for a while!!  It's time to open some windows and get some fresh air!!!


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  3. oh my gosh I feel like I wrote that post! It sounds exactly like me! I love tanning, despite the warnings and I totally feel like I look better when Im tan! Hahaha tan rolls are better hahaha, I keep laughing at that...its funny cuz its true!

  4. This is too funny & soo mee! I've ALWAYS said tan fat looks better that white fat!!! This is hilarious!! I love to tan as a matter of fact I can't wait to go today!

  5. Haha I love it and totally agree with you!

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  7. I hit the tanning beds once a week in the winter! It feels amazing on my skin! I'm sure you don't have ANY rolls you dork! ;)

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  9. Gotta love the fake sun....can't wait to get me some more!!!

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  13. I'm following you from Friday Follow. I agree about the tan fat rolls (though I'm scared to death of tanning beds). :):)

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  15. Hey there!!

    What a cute blog you have here :) And I love tanning too but I did make it my personal mission not to go anymore ughhh I just can't bring myself to do it!! But yes, I miss that summer glow!!

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